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Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions

Acceptance Of Terms & Conditions

  • These Terms & Conditions apply to all offers & agreements between participants & clients regarding workshops, events & photography shoots. 
  • By registering interest for studio hire or to attend a workshop, you agree to these Terms & Conditions. 


  • Any cancellation or disruption to normal proceedings due to coronavirus restrictions will enable a credit for use within a six-month period.


  • Smoking in or outside the studio is strictly prohibited. If the client, anyone in the client's party, or workshop attendee is found smoking, the person will be asked to leave immediately and the client agreement voided. 
  • Minors must be supervised on-site at all times unless specified by the workshop holder. 
Applicable By Law
  • These Terms & Conditions are governed by the laws of Queensland.

Workshop Terms & Conditions 

  • All workshops are held subject to a sufficient number of ticket sales.
  • After ticket purchase, you will receive an electronic confirmation by e-mail that makes your purchase final. 
  • Limited tickets are available per workshop. As soon as a workshop is sold out, ticket sales will automatically be closed & it will be no longer possible to book a ticket via the website.
  • If a workshop is full, please email info@hello-studio.com.au to register for the reservation list.
  • All ticket sales are final. If you can no longer attend, we welcome you to arrange a replacement for yourself. Your participation confirmation is transferable, please notify info@hello-studio.com.au if this is required.
Workshop Cancellation or Amendment
  • Hello Studio is entitled to cancel offered workshops due to insufficient participant numbers. In this event, a credit for use within a 12-month period will be offered or a full refund. 
  • Hello Studio is entitled to change the date or time of a workshop. In the event this is required, the participant will be informed by email & have the opportunity to move to the new date or receive a full refund. 
  • To secure your attendance, payment in full must be received through the Hello Studio website.
  • If a discount code has been provided, this must be entered during the payment process. After payment, discount codes can no longer be entered nor are refunds made to compensate them.
  • In the event there is a concern about a Hello Studio workshop, please contact info@hello-studio.com.au & we will investigate & assist accordingly.
  • The submission of a complaint does not release the participant from the payment obligation.
  • Hello Studio accepts no liability for personal injury, theft or damage to property of participants, nor any liability as a result of events during the workshop.
  • During the workshop there’s a chance the participant will work with materials that can stain clothing or items. Hello Studio is not liable for contaminated or damaged properties and will not compensate for any damage. 
  • Although due care is taken when transporting participant clay pieces for firing, there may be times when pieces could crack or break during the processes. Hello Studio accepts no liability for any damage caused by this.
  • During workshops the host may request permission to take photographs for future website and social media promotional purposes. If you do not wish to be photographed, please advise the host at the time.

Hello Studio Gift Vouchers Terms & Conditions

  • No refunds are provided for Gift Voucher purchases.
  • Gift Vouchers can be redeemed against any workshop up to the value stated on the Gift Voucher. If a workshop value is less than the stated voucher value, no payment for the difference is given. Gift voucher workshop bookings are subject to availability and Workshop Terms & Conditions.
  • Gift Vouchers are valid until the “valid until” date noted on the voucher.
  • Gift Vouchers are transferable to another person with the person's written consent to the gift voucher was initially issued.
  • No refund is given if the voucher is not used within the voucher validity period.

Studio Hire Terms & Conditions

Set-Up & Pack Down
  • Your booking time includes all setup & pack-up requirements. Please ensure you book the right amount of time inclusive of these requirements. Any extra time required over your booking time is charged at $45 per 30 minutes over.
Cleanliness & Property Damage
  • The studio is provided in an "as is" condition.
  • Upon leaving the studio, it is expected that all areas used will be left in the condition they were provided to you in. A cleaning fee of $50.00 will be charged if this request is not followed.
  • All rubbish & belongings brought into the studio, must leave the studio, ensuring the space is in the same condition as when arrived.
  • Any damage or damages caused to the studio space or the furniture & props is the financial responsibility of the client hirer. The client accepts to pay the replacement fee as advised by Hello Studio. This includes damages due to spills, excessive wear, marks or stains on furniture, or painted surfaces & all breakages.
  • Payment methods accepted include credit and debit cards. 
  • When providing us with your payment information, you authorise our use of & access to the payment instrument you have chosen to use. You authorise us to charge the amount due to this payment instrument by providing us with your payment information.
  • If we believe your payment has violated any law or these terms and conditions, we reserve the right to cancel or reverse your transaction.
  • Bookings are not confirmed until payment has been received.
Confirmation & Cancellations 
  • Once payment in full has been received, an email will be sent providing final confirmation of your booking.
  • Refunds are not provided for cancellations. Rescheduling is offered if notification has been provided 5 days prior. If this request is followed, payment will roll over to the rescheduled appointment.
  • If unable to come to an agreement and arrange a suitable rescheduled appointment Hello Studio will be happy to hold your booking fee for 6 months as a credit for a future booking.
  • Failure to show to a booking or failure to notify us that you are unable to attend your booking at least 5 days before scheduled session time will result in this action being recorded on your account. No refunds are given for failure to attend your booking.
  • Hello Studio reserves the right to refuse reservations to repeat offenders at its sole discretion.
Indemnity & Liability 
  • The client agrees to indemnify Hello Studio against any costs including legal costs, damages, payments, fines, or interests they may incur as a result of the client breaching this agreement.
  • Hello Studio is not liable for acts out of its control that affect the hiring of the space, such as power outages, weather, or emergencies. In such cases, Hello Studio may offer to reschedule opportunities.
  • Hello Studio reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time with or without notice if the client has breached any terms of this agreement or for unforeseeable circumstances that prevent the client from fulfilling the agreement. 


Acceptance of Terms & Conditions

  • These Terms & Conditions apply to all collaborations offered by Hello Studio. 
  • By securing a workshop with Hello Studio, you, as the Collaborator, agree to these Terms & Conditions. 


  • If any disruption to normal proceedings due to coronavirus occurs, workshop collaborations will be rescheduled in line with Queensland Government directives, unless otherwise determined by Hello Studio.


  • Smoking in or outside the studio is strictly prohibited. 


  • Minors must be supervised on-site at all times. 

Workshop specifics 

  • All workshops are held subject to a sufficient number of ticket sales.
  • The maximum number of tickets for sit-down workshops is 16 unless discussed with Hello Studio prior.
  • Set up & pack up may be required. Collaborators are expected to leave the studio in its ‘as-is condition. 
  • Storage areas & the Hello Studio office are prohibited to the Collaborator & workshop attendees. 

Workshop Cancellation or Amendment

  • Collaborators are welcome to cancel the workshop if over 30 days notice is provided. Rescheduling will otherwise be offered if within 30 days. 

Marketing & Advertising 

  • Hello Studio will organise all ticketing through the Hello Studio website & pay for any associated administration fees & prop hire requirements. 
  • All collaborations will be shared via the Hello Studio social media platforms & some may be promoted by paid advertising.
  • It is expected that Collaborators promote the workshop via their social media platforms by sharing posts & creating their content.  


  • Payment terms will be individually discussed with each collaborator. 
  • Payment will be provided within fourteen days of receipt of invoice to info@hello-studio.com.au
  • Hello Studio may provide tickets to influencers to assist with promoting the studio & the Collaborator. No financial remuneration for that ticket will be provided to the Collaborator. No more than two tickets per class would be offered.


  • Hello Studio accepts no liability for personal injury, theft, or property damage, nor any liability as a result of events during the workshop.

Applicable by Law

  • These Terms & Conditions are governed by the laws of Queensland.